ITAKO is a very popular sightseeing spot that is so near to Tone river, Lake Kasumigaura and the PacificOcean. And from Narita Airport, it takes only 30minute by car. So, ITAKO is the place for complete relaxation and impressive seasonal splendors.

ITAKO is a typical aqua-resort place where visitors can immerse themselves in the tranquility of nature, a special place that opens the heart to the peace it desires.


  • Japanese-style room TYPE1
  • Japanese-style room TYPE2
  • Combination room


  • Reception and LobbySpacious lobby meets a traveler kindly broadly and welcomes the first step of the trip that a heart bounds from a heart.
  • Public Observation BathOne of the prides of Itako Hotel is our large observation bath on the 4th floor that you can take bath enjoying a panoramic view from the spacious glass windows.
  • Restaurant La TableLa Table is a such restaurant on the basis of French food, And, you can enjoy original Japanesque meals there.
  • Karaoke Club Point AfterOne story on the main floor, you’ll find a resplendent floor. Every night, adults gather for socializing in our karaoke club.
  • Terrace Pool (Summer Season Only)It is the swimming pool which can be relaxed while thoroughly enjoying rural district scenery and setting sun in the summer.
  • YAKATABUNE(Roofing Party Boat)YAKATABUNE pleasure boat will surely make a memory of a wonde rful trip in Japan, and please utilize it, and a small voyage by Japanese -style banquet ship of the 50 peop le accommodation is always waiting for you through the year.


  • HEIAN/Mein banquet


AYAMEMATURI (Iris Festival in ITAKO)

“ITAKO AYAME-MATURI” is a representative festival of ITAKO city, which is taken place in the period from June 1 to 30th, and lot of iris flowers bloom and are being on the riverside around the garden.

ITAKO Jyunikyo

(Twelve bridges over canals) ITAKO Juni-Kyo is well-known to the public as one of the most oriental and scenic beauties in Japan.

Kashima-jingu Shrine

Kashima-jinguu shrine was built up originally 2660 years before in old times, none of a major shrine on formality most like Ise-jingu Shrine, is also very popular as a sightseeing spot if you come to Japan.

KAIRAKUEN-Garden in Mito city

KAIRAKUEN-Garden was landscaped with KENROKUEN- Garden of Kanazawa, one of “The Japan Three Parks” which equalled KOURA KUEN- Garden of Okayama in1842 by TOKUGAWA NARIAKI. Plums of about 100 articles class are planted in a garden of about 13ha. and the garden is full of visitors enjoying plum blossoms in the early spring and azalea blossoms in eary summer.


Easy access for ITAKOHOTEL

It is very easy to come to ITAKOHOTEL from Tokyo, NaritaA.P. It takes only 80minutes from Tokyo by a car. Please check required time on the map.

ITAKOHOTEL Registered Ryokan by Goverment〒311-2425

1-10-7,Ayame,Itako,Ibaraki Pref. TEL0299-62-3130
Required Time by a carRequired Time by a car
Distance from ItakoDistance from Itako
ITAKO City MapITAKO City Map

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